Bids, Tenders & Proposals (British-Nigerian Curriculum)



The British Curriculum is one of the most well-known and highly-regarded curricula in the world of international education. Schools from Madrid to Manila, Nigeria choose the British Curriculum because they see it as the best choice for providing their students with a first-class education. Parents from around the world seek out British schools to prepare their children for success at British universities and beyond.
As an authority in Bidding, we notice our curriculum has been copied by training companies, institution we had previously has agreement to teach, and others. So we have decided from 2022 to adopt the British curriculum and merge it with our Nigerian curriculum to teach.
The curriculum will cover areas that were lacking in previous one, from pre-bidding activities, during bidding and post-bidding activities, how to download and upload from the NIPEX 7.5 which has been a major problem to student, how to align the NC Act to the commercial which has cause disqualification in the eyes of the law. All this has been covered in the new curriculum, we will allow student who have previous attended any of our bidding class or Business development class to update their knowledge for half the original fee.
Introduction to a bid to succeed
Introduction to bidding
Types of Bidding and Tender Process
Bidding flowchart
Guidelines to set you on course
Developing skills in bid writing
Market research and intelligence
Bidding for public sector contracts
The EU procurement framework
EU/UK Legislation
Key aspects of the procurement regulations
Steps in a typical local authority procurement
 Public procurement in Nigeria
Bidding for UK lottery grants
Top tips for UK lottery grants
Common mistakes (UK lottery grants)
Bidding for public sector contracts in Nigeria
Practices question
Tendering for the private sector
Due diligence check
Decision-making structure in corporate procurement
Evaluation criteria
Evaluation Checklist
Evaluating scope and requirements
Bid compilation strategy
Bid layout strategy
Strategy to providing required evidences
Bidding for research funding
Tendering for eu-funded research
EU-funded research bid content
Pre-qualifying for tender opportunities
Information required
Corporate data
Experience, skills and performance
Financial status
How to register with NipeX
How to register with Dun & Bradstreet
Capability statements
Deciding to bid
The competitive situation;
The relationship of the contract to your business strategy;
Bid preparation costs;
Project costs and revenues;
The characteristics of the client;
The professional value of the contract;
Its implications for your workload, management and personnel;
The skills and experience you can offer.
Analysing the bid specification
Instructions on bid submission;
The background and objectives of the contract;
The scope of services covered by the contract;
The information required in bidders’ responses;
limits on numbers of pages or words;
Issues and priorities identified as important by the client & More
Managing the bid
Organization of bid response
production of the bid
Development of the bid
Quality management
Production and submission
Bid development worksheet
Talking to the client
Bidding in partnership
Guidelines for association
Choose them carefully
principle of sharing the costs of bid preparation and negotiation
Agreement or memorandum of understanding
Thinking the work through
What to consider before bidding?
Developing and writing the bid
Bid development and production
Guidelines on technical writing
Key points for internal peer review
Explaining approach and methodology
How to write about methods
What the clients required
Focusing on contract management
Defining outcomes and deliverables
Communicating added value
Presenting CVs
Describing professional experience
Making good use of graphics
Stating your price
How to download from NIPEX 7.5
How to upload and submit