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Bids, Tenders & Proposals (British-Nigerian Curriculum)


The British Curriculum is one of the best known and most popular programs in the world of international education. Schools from Madrid to Manila, Nigeria choose the UK curriculum because they see it as the best choice to provide their students with a top-notch education. Parents all over the world are looking for UK schools to prepare their children for success in UK universities and beyond.

As an authority in bidding, we notice our curriculum has been copied by training companies, an institution we had previously had agreement to teach, and others. So we have decided from 2022 to adopt the British curriculum and merge it with our Nigerian curriculum to teach.

The curriculum will cover areas that were lacking in previous one, from pre-bidding activities, during bidding and post-bidding activities, how to download and upload from the NIPEX 7. 5 which has been a major problem to student, how to align the NC Act to the commercial which has cause disqualification in the eyes of the law. All this has been covered in the new curriculum, we will allow student who have previously attended any of our bidding class or Business development class to update their knowledge for half the original fee.