Oil and gas



This services is like you employing a staff to work for you and you pay monthly, in this case it’s a team of young talented professionals, they beauty is you have them whenever you want


We discover there is a gap between field and administrative department, while in the field it is easy to forget that you DPR permit will expire, NIPEX portal need to be renew or any other regulatory body license, we also discover some companies has the following problems:

  • Lack of first-class information about regulatory bodies for intended sector before incorporation,
  • Lack of proper knowledge how to obtain this license and certificates,
  • Lack of current cost of incorporation due to changes in government policies,
  • Lack of current cost of registration with regulatory bodies and required documents by regulatory bodies,
  • Lack of branding skills for desire sector for website, logo and social media handles,
  • Cannot go through the stress to move around from one regulatory bodies to another to register their company,
  • Lack of professional skill to interpret the law regulating the sector and skill to abide to them keeping to heart that it’s a profit making organization.



The objective of creating elite membership is to allow the CEO focus on the day to day running of the company, profitability and reporting to the board of directors, outsourcing compliance management and bidding for contract.

We guild the Company on professional ethics, what will happen if you do not keep to them base on past experience, clauses of the law they are not aware of.

Our overall objective is to increase industrialization, reduce unemployment in countries we are found.


They following are procedure to be an Elite member:

  • Sign Elite Customers MOU (stating duration of contract)
  • Create profile on our platform upload all regulatory document


•Storing your compliance documents online

•Sharing your documents with whosoever want it

•Get reminder when document are about to expire

•Get sub-contractors from registered companies

•Request your document be renewed on your behalf (with T&C) and other benefits you will find in this proposal.

Enjoy contracts been bidded for on your behalf on NIPEX portal and other government contracts, Professional advice and more.